Minding Me

A compassionate, approach to body, mind & spirit

“Healing does not mean the damage never existed;
it means the damage no longer controls our lives”

Minding Me Therapies & Treatments

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET)

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Reiki Energy Healing Therapy


Mindset Coaching

Facial Reflexology

Minding Me | My Story

Heather has a gentle compassionate approach to the treatments and therapies she provides. Her treatments are an ideal way to pamper your body, mind and spirit.

All Heather’s Minding Me therapies help to relieve and eliminate health problems such as stress, aches and pains. Heather also helps those suffering from chronic conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, Arthritis, Endometriosis and many more. Heather has had great results with treating clients with ADHD, Autism, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD and other mental health issues. Read more..

Photo of Heather Peoples

 Minding Me

Products & Courses

Kangen | Water Filtration

doTERRA | Essention Oils

Juice Plus | Nutrition

Basic IET Training

Intermediate IET Training

Minding Me Advanced IET Training

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